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Technically, You Are
A Piece Of Meat

How long does it take to smoke a brisket? 7-8 hours
How long do men spend getting ready? 7-8 minutes.

It's time we start caring about ourselves
as much as we care about our food.

Meat Head is a premium men's care brand with a mission to make grooming & self care an enjoyable experience that not only allows you to keep your man card, but upgrades it.

Typically, if you wanted luxury-level products to take care of your face, skin, and hair you'd have to settle for secretly borrowing a woman's products and shamefully hiding in the bathroom while you performed your closeted regimens.

The concept of our brand focuses on the fact that no one prepares a piece of meat as well as us men do. So let's apply that same pride and know-how to caring for the most prized meat of all, ourselves.


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